Become a shareholder

Becoming a shareholder in our company is not just about owning a PHARMAFINANCE share.
Being PHARMAFINANCE shareholder means sharing the values of PHARMAFINANCE Group which are Audacity, Confidence and Sharing.
The entire “business model” of PHARMAFINANCE SA revolves around the pair shareholder-customer.
wholesale company shareholder (direct or indirect participation) is also a customer of the latter.

To be a PHARMAFINANCE shareholder, you must:

  • To be a pharmacist
  • Agree and be faithful to the values of the Group
  • Have UbiPharm-Côte d’Ivoire as the first order intention
  • Have an excellent quality of settlement vis-à-vis the company

How to buy PHARMAFINANCE shares?

Yopougon Industrial Zone
Phone: 27 23 53 73 33